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Victorian Wavesailing Titles - results and pics - Round 2 Pt Impossible

Posted by whitecapsphotography on October 16, 2011 at 11:05 PM

Results and recap from WVS crew "The second round of the 11/12 VWS series was held at Point Impossible on Sunday 16/10.

A great turn out of wavesailors were greeted with Westerly winds around 20-25knots with some fun sized 2ft waves which made for some great wave riding and jumping.

The sun was out and the wind was up early which saw over 30 guys on the water having a free-sail before the expression sessions got under way.

I know we keep saying this, but the level of sailing as increased so much recently! It's great to see for the sport in Victoria.

Intermediates got out on the water first and we saw some great waveriding from the local 'Glenns' with CORE Boardsports riders Glenn Kewish & Glenn Daniels both getting their fair share of waves. Some great wave riding from Tom Champion, David Spragie & Damien Callaman while late starter Alex Knott made the most of the conditions. Brother's Ben & Andy Donegan got amongst it, Andy with a great jump and Ben scoring the wave of the heat, which gave him enough points to advance through to the final and take the heat win.

The opens hit the water, split into two expression sessions. Some awesome wave riding from RPS's Andy Ackland throwing heaps of spray with some powerful top turns.

Tao Langham (the ZU) landed some of the cleanest backloops of the day to make sure he advanced through to the finals.

Dan Gardner, more well known as 'the guy with the cow head on his sail' shredded in the expression session to get through to the finals. While the wind was up Dan was throwing some huge forward loops, and some solid Goiter attempts.

Jono Boullier popping forward loops everywhere while some great waves and taka attempts from CORE board sport's Bryce Miller were great to watch.

The ZU board sports young gun Zac Douglas looked at home on his new Severne kit and scored plenty of waves, but not enough to get through to the finals against some tough competition.

Local shredder Tom White (the ZU) managed to find all the best waves of the heats and got some long rides with heaps of powerful turns to secure his place in the finals. RPS, Fanatic & North sailors James Toth & Joel Ryan scored some solid wave rides and landed some good forward & back loops to get through to the finals while SHQ'S JP/NP rider Al Mcleod sailed his way into the final spot in the final heats.

In the Intermediate final Glenn Kewish showed the way making the most of the waves and getting the longest rides of the heat to take the overall win, a late wave from Andy Donegan put him up into 2nd place, in only his second season windsurfing! Glenn Daniels just didn't quite get enough waves to knock Kewish off and finished in Third while Ben Donegan finished fourth after being taken out on the biggest wave of the heat, which could have been a high point scorer for him!

In the finals the wind went more offshore and got quite gusty which made it tough getting off the beach, but really nice and clean on the wave. In the final Tom White was super consistent and took the win from Joel Ryan second, James Toth third & Tao Langham fourth."  WVS Crew

Photos to come!! :)

Open division Round 2:

1st Tom White

2nd Joel Ryan

3rd James Toth

4th Tao Langham

=8th Andy Ackland

=8th Dan Gardner

=8th Alastair McLeod

=8th Simon Hanson

=14th Phil Vawdrey

=14th Jono Boullier

=14th Bryce Miller

=14th Michael Cornish

=14th Zac Douglas

=14th Evan Hawkey

Intermediate division Round 2:

1ST Glenn Kewish

2nd Andy Donegan

3rd Glenn Daniels

4th Ben Donegan

=8th Tom Champion

=8th David Spragie

=8th Damien Callaman

=8th Alex Knott

For championship standings please see http://www.vicwavesailing.org

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