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Allison Shreeve windsurfing clinic Inverloch Nov 09


The above gallery only shows a small sample of photos taken over the weekend, there are photos of everyone - if you want to check then just email me

A DVD of all the images taken over the weekend is available to purchase for $25.00.  The images are high resolution images, suitable for web upload or print up to 8x12in (A4).

 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Allison to support her training and upcoming efforts.


How to Order:

Step 1 - email me at wcphoto@hotmail.com or fill out the Contact Me form

Step 2 - Once your order is received, I will send you payment details.  Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit.

Use of images:  You can upload pics as avatars or on social websites such as Facebook.  Images are not for commercial use. Copyright must to be given to White Caps Photography wherever possible.   DVD's are subject to international copyright law.  If in doubt - please ask!

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